A successful enterprise requires excellent and committed individuals, internally and externally, who are persistently willing to provide their best efforts.

The choice of persons you associate and do business with has a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of your enterprise. Likewise, the lack of key individual talent and insight can impede financial progress.

Next, combine excellent people with capital. One of the many complexities of human endeavor involves the employment of capital as a means of exchanging the responsibilities, powers, rewards and compensation of individuals within an enterprise. Capital, and the use thereof, leads to the question: Who shall use it and how much will it cost?

For us at John C. Saunders, CPA P.C., the role of capital is as evident in the nuclear family as it is in the multi-national corporation. We constantly search for the best providers of capital on behalf of our clients, such as the SBA as well as conventional and private sources.

One should not be surprised at the critical nexus between the largest and smallest of human enterprise. Along with the western world and its free market system comes the competition among enterprises - government, business and personal - for capital. To the individual, this competition for capital has some formidable adversaries, not the least of which is the Internal Revenue Service. Who you have on your side to handle your adversaries is critical to financial success.

The accounting firm you employ is a critical resource and should be adept in finance, as the functions of finance and accounting are directly linked to maintaining financial health.

At John C. Saunders, CPA P.C., our expertise is in Finance, Accounting, and Taxes. And our commitment is to generating results for our clients - positive, identifiable financial results. This is what we do.

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